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Rubber Stampede Rubber Stamp Cleaner


I recently purchased several used rubber stamps from a self proclaim “stamp-queen” and while I was rummaging through her collections I came across a few stamps desperately needing a good cleaning. At first, I did not even consider purchasing those stamps. Although, I knew if I were still using Stampendous stamp cleaner I would not hesitate at all. The fact is, I was no longer using Stampendous stamp cleaner. Despite the 5 star review I gave, when the time came to replenish I decided to try Rubber Stampede Rubber Stamp Cleaner .
Not knowing if Rubber Stampede would be able to perform at the same level as Stampendous, I decided I would take a chance with those few stamps anyways. A day or two had passed before I even attempted to clean my new used grungy looking stamps. After a few repeated efforts the stamps were finally looking like new again.

Happy and thrilled I did not overlook adding those few stamps to my collection. Although the cleaner did give out a slight alcohol odor during the cleaning process nonetheless it performed with the same capacity when compared to Stampendous therefore earning 4 out of 5 stars due to the slight alcohol odor.

Thanks for visiting and be sure to join me again on my next gear review.

Tip:I do suggest using the cleaner in conjunction with a scrub pad or dauber applicator for best cleaning results.

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