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Crystal Effects by Stampin’ Up


Crystal effects is perhaps better known by its alternative names such as glossy accent or 3D gloss. Similar to heat embossing, crystal effects achieves a high-gloss finish to an image but doing so without a heat tool. Although the product is call “crystal effects” the liquid itself appears starchy, however I assure you it dries crystal clear (image A & B).

Depending on the amount used, drying time will range anywhere from five minute up to an hour. Do not use any drying aid such as a hair dryer or heat tool, allow your project to air dry on its own. If the liquid happens to bubble up during the application process, quickly take a sewing pin to release the air bubble. Even though the liquid is bottled in a two ounce bottle it really does go a long way. This gear not only offers a realistic three dimensional look and feel to an image it also doubles up as an adhesive making this gear very versatile, which earns 5 out of 5 stars. For a list of tips and project ideas please visit
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