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Rubber stamp cleaner by Stamp-n-Stuff (Stampendous)


Happy Friday everyone! Thanks for being patience and I hope I have not prolonged too much since my last blog. Without any further a due we will dive straight into our topic.

It’s important to use a stamp cleaner when stamping. Whether it is a scrub pad or liquid cleaner, choosing a cleaner for the right job is crucial as it will prolong and preserve your stamp in the long run. I personally have been using a dabber style stamps cleaner by Stamp-n-Stuff for several years now and am gladly to say I am one happy customer. This cleaner is water-base, non-toxic and odorless. It’s been written and said water-base cleaners will not stand up to the job but this cleaner is the Oxi Clean of rubber stamps!! This cleaner will clean the most unyielding ink off your stamp even when left unclean and untreated for years. And trust me I speak from experience; I acquired a few stamps from a girlfriend and upon receiving the stamps from her I immediately was thinking I need to rescue these stamps quickly. I wish I could show you what the stamps looked like but for the sake of visualization and demonstration take a look at image A. I purposely left the stamp tainted overnight (not recommended) just so I can show you how Stamp-n-Stuff will go to the bat for your rubber stamps.

After rubbing the stamp cleaner over the entire stamp it removed every speck of ink residue on the stamp (Image B) and made it like new again.

You can’t go wrong with this stamp cleaner. This cleaner will clean a variety of inks such as pigment, chalk, dye, stamp markers and even stamp glue pad. (It’s recommend using all purpose rubber cleaner with stamp glue pad) This is a stamp cleaner that will clean and recondition your stamps keeping it in good condition for years to come and the best part of the cleaner is no doubt being an odorless cleaner. Be aware certain cleaners will give off a strong alcohol smell, so strong it’s enough to choke you out. Stamp-n-Stuff definitely ranks 5 out of 5 stars for its ability to clean the grimiest inks and odorless and inexpensive! Since purchasing this item, the company has re-package the product under their parent company brand, Stampendous. Thanks for reading and join me again when we re-visit the Cricut stamps click here


  1. This is a great product. I recently bought another brand and hate it. Where can I buy more of the Stamp-N Stuff Rubber stamp cleaner???

    • Hi Gillian,
      Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have not seen Stamp-n-Stuff sold at major retail craft shops for quite some time now. However, Stamp-n-Stuff (Mark Enteprises) is a division of Stampendous and works just as good. I hope that helps!

  2. Gud product buddy .. i had heard about but was not aware of any good brand . thnx for sharing information……… :)

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