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Glitter Paint by Color & Co


Hello everyone and happy Monday!! Certainly hope everyone had a relaxing weekend!
Today’s product is not what you’d normally classify as a gadget or tool but perhaps an embellishment. Paints in general should not be overlooked as papercraft gear. Glitter paints are fun to have as part of your collection for papercrafts but be aware it’s actually paint & glitter that you are getting. I’ve used other brand names that I ended up returning it because the paint was transparent and it was the glitters giving its color and not the paint itself. Glitter paint by Color & Co is a liquid tempera made of pigments enhanced with bright glitters allowing this product to be truly identified as glitter paint. (Image A-B)

I originally did not know what or how I would incorporate the glitter paints into my papercraft projects but then I thought I should use it for what it is, paint something with it! I do recommend you use it on heavy cardstock if you plan to use it as part of your papercraft projects. Reason because it will produce a warp look to your project, which is a shame. (Image C)

You can also apply multiple coats to achieve a darker color without losing glitters from the first coat. (Image D) The paint takes about 10-15 minutes to completely dry before applying another coat.

Not sure if any of you have tried glitter paint but it allows you another resource to embellish your papercraft projects. It is also washable and non-toxic but due to the paint being a water-base paint it’s not ideal for regular cadstock and selected heavy cardstock papers thus the glitter paint gathers 3.5 out of 5 stars. Thanks for reading and please join me again when we clean some stamps.

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