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Tearing Edge Ruler


Ever wonder how certain greeting cards get that frayed edge? Sure you can tear it by hand but it won’t be able to get that fray consistency when compared to using a tearing edge ruler. (See image A)

I thought I would be content with my Stampin’ Up tearing edge ruler but couldn’t help myself to another ruler when other brands like Fiskars and Nicole offered different styles. (See image B) The different styles offer the same effect but different decorative fray edges.

I actually used the rulers for more than just fraying edges. During the holiday season I wanted to design a greeting card that mimic a snowy hill winter scene; but wasn’t sure how I could achieve that result then an idea hit me. By turning the fray edge upside down it quickly became a snowy hills effect I had hoped for and could not be more pleased with the results. (See image C)

These rulers offer additional usage beyond fraying paper edges. With a little imagination you can create a snowy hill, tidal waves or prairies. These rulers do get pricy; to get more for your money I suggest finding one that offers double edged. Overall I feel this gear deserves 5 stars rating but due to the cost it takes it down one notch to 4 out of 5 stars. Thanks for reading and join me next time when we paint with glitters.

Note: Handle with care and adult supervision is recommended for young children due to the jagged edges.

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