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Cricut clear stamp


Happy Monday!!! Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend!!
Some of you may have read my previous review for the Cricut stamp sheet but in case you have not click here You may recall my much dissatisfaction with the product and frankly I do not have good reports this time around either. In a desperate attempt I decided to condition the stamp (I never had to do this for any of my clear stamps) and went as far as purchasing specialty markers especially made for clear stamps!! Having an optimistic and open mindset I was extremely disappointed, even after I conditioned the stamp, I still had the same issue to the ink not procuring. (See images below) Again, keep in mind these images are based on the first impression.

Image A: stamped in pigment ink (you will notice signs of blotchiness’ located lower right corner of image)
Image B: stamped in dye ink (blotches noticeably all over the image)
Image C: stamped in chalk ink (gives off the appearance like I ran out of ink…)
Image D: stamped in specialty clear stamp markers (most disappointing result EVER!! Blotches and brush strokes are VERY noticeable all over image)
My overall experience with this product has not been pleasant and sadly I need to modify my previous 2 star rating down to a 1 out of 5 stars due to the overall performance and cost. I hope I have demonstrated and illustrated clearly the reasons why this product receives such a low star rating but if your experience differs from my own please leave me a comment. Thanks for reading and join me again when we take a look at the LePlumeII stamp markers for clear stamps.

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