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Stamp making with Cricut: Cricut cuttable stamp sheet

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I cannot express how disappointed I am with this product! Although, I will admit I was thrilled when I purchased the stamp sheets. Initially, I thought I would be making my very own clear stamps but I think I will stick to professionally crafted stamps. This method requires using a Cricut machine with a deep-cut blade and acrylic block. The Cricut handled the cut great but when it came time to ink the stamp it was a huge disappointment. I have tried to ink the stamp with dye, pigment and chalk base ink and it did not procure any of the three inks used. See image below, please note these images are 1st impression stamps.

Image a. stamped in dye base ink: left white blotchy spots on the stamped image
Image b. stamped in pigment ink: no blotchiness but image is barely there, as if it’s my 3rd impression stamp without re-inking.
Image c. stamped in chalk ink: image is barely visible

The cleaning instruction indicated easy clean up with soap and water but that was a letdown as well. (See below image) Whichever color it’s inked first, it ultimately sustained that color forever on the stamp consequently making it difficult to determine ink coverage if you were to use a different color. But then again the stamp did not procure to the three ink pads I was using.

Overall this is a 2 out of 5 stars product due to the overall performance and it’s costly. For 2 sheets of 6×6″ it costs over $10 not including tax. But I may change my thoughts about this review after I try the Uchida clear stamp markers on the stamp. Thanks for reading and be sure to join me again when we draw with the Cricut.

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