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Stick-it with Xyron 1.5″ create-a-sticker


I initially purchased this gadget because I was looking for a solution to avoid messy sticky glue on very fine and/or detailed die-cut images. The unit offers 3-easy steps to quickly sticker paper, ribbon, fabric, metal, vellum and 3-dimensional items up to 1/16” thick.
1. Feed the material through the feeder
2. Pull the feed from opposite end to feed the material through
3. Rub the material, peel and stick

Since purchasing this unit, I am no-longer reluctant when working with the tiniest and finest and detailed images for my paper-crafting projects. Unlike the traditional glue-stick, Xyron really saved me from time spent applying glue on my images and not to mentioned getting glue all over my fingers. However I do recommend using a stylus pen or craft stick, instead of using your fingernail, when rubbing on the material to ensure it completely absorbs the adhesive. Keep in mind to always feed your material front side up because the white strip contains the adhesive which allows that material to become a sticker and the top see through strip will absorb the excess adhesive. Xyron also offer a variety of devices that allow you to go from stickers to laminate to magnets. Overall I give this product 3.5 out of 5 stars only because the refills are costly.

Stylus pen

The ribbon adhere to cardstock without any issues

'Happy Holiday' was stickered with Xyron

Tip: If you are working with multiple materials and/or images at the same time I suggest feeding it through at the same time and as close as possible because the device leaves approximately 1″ inch gap between uses, which I think its a waste considering the cost for a refill. Thanks for reading and please join me again when we make stamps.

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