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Anti-Static Powder


Static is all around us! It occurs anywhere and on many surfaces. When I first began working with embossing powders it was extremely frustrating the embossing powder would affix itself beyond the actual image. We cannot control the environment that causes static built-up however we can certainly control the intensity level. By now you are probably asking “how are we able to control the static level?” After several attempts at local craft shops I was unsuccessful with a purchase of the anti-static pouch. It was then I began seeking for alternative solutions to resolve my static issues. After several researches and trials that included a dryer sheet, my own conclusion is both the talc and cornstarch powder works best to achieve an anti-static surface. Before you stamp the image on your paper stock, take your homemade anti-static pouch and simply rub or tap lightly over the area to be embossed and tap off any excess. By doing this we have minimized the static level on the paper stock allowing the embossing powders to adhere ONLY to the stamp image. Compare image A and B below, the difference is visible.

The anti-static pouch is very easy to assemble. Linda Israel provides a complete list of materials and step-by-step instructions on making your own anti-static pouch. I love it when I find items that can incorporate its use from the kitchen to my papercraft world!!!

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Tip: also ideal when working with flocking and glitters.

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