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Soft Rubber Brayer


Brayers in general comes in handy on many different techniques. There are several size and type of brayers available from rubber, foam, sponge and acrylic; all serve different purposes. Through my own experience, Soft Rubber Brayer is an ideal fit for most papercraft projects; is easy to handle and to work with and very versatile. It’s also important to invest in a good quality made brayer. A cheaply made brayer will leave you “dry blotches” on the roller making it nearly impossible to ink properly.

A brayer serves as a crucial gear in distributing an even layer of ink. The key is to run your brayer several times on your ink pad to ensure the roller absorbs adequate ink prior to inking an image for print. (see image)

Using a brayer to ink help yield consistency for a good clean imprint every time. Some of the techniques that requires a brayer is dry emboss inking, letterpress and when creating your own unique background papers. The possibilities are endless and it extends beyond papercraft. The brayer serves many functions and it’s a practical gear to own thus earns 5 out of 5 stars on my list of top gears for papercrafts.

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