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2 Way Glue Pen


I initially purchased the EK Success 2-Way Glue Pen to use in conjunction with glitter and flocking mediums. These glue pen offers both permanent and temporary bond. It also disburse in blue liquid form but dries clear. The fine tip makes it ideal when working with fine detailed images or when you want to glitter or flock only specific portion of an image. (see image)

In the image above, I managed to glitter and flock only specific areas of the image without any difficulties. I recently took up paper quilling and the glue pen was put to great test. Paper quilling involves working with thin strips of paper. Once I was ready to assemble my design, the glue pen disbursed just enough glue to adhere my quilling designs in place. Do not fret by the little amount of glue yield from the pen, it really does provided a strong bond. (see image)

Only dislike to this product is the actual content only offers 7 grams of glue which leaves me craving for more. When you compare the price with what you are actually getting, it’s no steal! However, the glue leaves tacky-free fingers, dual adhesion, does not leave residues and the blue color make it easy to precisely glue even the finest images, which leave me to bestow a 4.75 out of 5 stars for the product.

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