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Acrylic blocks by Inkadinkado


Unmounted rubber and clear stamps are preferred to be used with acrylics blocks. It’s also important to choose blocks that contain grids to help align your images; this is especially important for letter stamping. (Image A)

The blocks are designed with ripple edge and .5” depth making it more comfortable and offers no-slip grip (Image B) if you accidently ink the block; it cleans off with ease with just mild soap and water.

The blocks also come in variety of sizes allowing you to stamp small to large images. The biggest difference between acrylic block and wood-mount is the little storage space needed. Depending on the size of your stamp, a medium size block can essentially be reused for most stamps unlike wood-mount stamps, they are a permanent mount. The block’s transparency also offers a better view of where your stamp image will likely end up. In recent days unmounted stamps are gaining more popularity and more crafters are migrating over to unmounted stamps thus making the acrylic blocks an essential gear for all unmounted stamps (clear or rubber stamps). I can’t think of any reason why this product deserves less than 5 stars do you? Thanks for reading and join me again when we take a look at the powder tray.

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