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Heat Tool aka Heat Gun by Darice


Happy Wednesday!! Weekend is almost upon us…woohoo!!
The heat tool is crucial for heat embossing. Make no mistake; a heat tool/heat gun is NOT the same as your typical home hair dryer. The heat tool is designed to distribute high heat and the narrow nozzle allows you to focus on a specific image area to be embossed. (Image A) Typical hair dryers are designed with a wider nozzle to cover more broad areas.

It does take a few seconds to reach maximum heat level so I suggest waiting a few seconds before pointing the heat tool on your image. It’s also important to use heavy cardstock paper for heat embossing otherwise you may end up with a yellowish brown burn-like spot or cause your paper to slightly curled. (Image B)

The heat tool is not only crucial for heat embossing but also ideal use to cut down drying time for slow drying inks and to speed up curing time for glue and many other uses. In conclusion I rate this gear 4 out of 5 stars only because it takes several seconds for the heat to reach maximum level to effectively emboss your images. Thanks for reading and join me again when we take a look at acrylic blocks for stamping.


  1. i bought the heat tool and i used it just once and it started to smoke it made a little flash and a pop and stopped working completely it also was emitting a red light plus the metal nozzle was melting the safety shield
    total waste even though i followed the instructions
    not recommended!!!

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