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Magnetic Cutting Mat by We R Memory Keepers


A few weeks ago I was randomly browsing at my local craft store to see if anything new and interesting had popped up on the shelves. The magnetic cutting mat by We R Memory Keepers had me do a double take because I initially saw this product introduced on a television craft show over nine-months ago. After watching that segment I thought to myself, I must have it! After months of searching I realized this product was not yet available in the retail market therefore I settled for a traditional self-healing cutting mat. Although I have no complains with the traditional self-healing cutting mat but in the back of my mind I thought it would have been cool to have the magnetic cutting mat. How many of us often try to make a straight or angle cut but somehow the ruler manages to slightly guide us off-track just enough for an untidy cut? This cutting mat itself is magnetic, self-healing and offers an 18” magnetic ruler (the set I purchased was also accompanied with 4 magnetic strips for additional grip) which holds your project secure in-place for precise cut. (See images)

Image B shows I’m actually making a cut using only one hand and no movement on my paper or the ruler. How awesome is that!!

I also found other helpful use for this cutting mat as well. I’ve actually used the magnetic ruler to secure my project in place while I stamp and apply embellishments like ribbons. It’s also ideal to hold down creased paper to create a flat working surface. (See image below)

No doubt this is a tool that has served and will continue to serve me in multiple situations and it was an investment well spent, therefore warrants a 5 out of 5 stars. Thanks for reading and join me next time when we rubber stamp using a glue pad.

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