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Make it puff puff by Flower-Soft


Some of you may already be familiar with Flower Soft High Tack Glue This glue was particularly packaged by Aleenes to use jointly with Flower Soft. And since these two gears were marketed alongside each-other, I thought I review the two together. My initial introduction to these two gears was through a televised craft show during a CHA tradeshow. I was very curious to see, for myself, the dimensions it can offer for papercraft projects.

Flower-Soft: Unlike flocking or glitters Flower-Soft provides a realistic 3-D look and feel to your project. (Image A)

Prior to 1st usage it’s suggested that you empty out the tightly packed Flower-Soft contents into a larger container and fluff out the medium. From my own past experience I highly encourage using a non-plastic container during the fluffing process and for storage afterwards; otherwise the Flower-Soft medium will quickly infest everything and anything it comes in contact with, making the cleanup process a nightmare. A 30ml jar could cost you $5- $6 USD, you will want to be sure you get the most for your money.

Flower-Soft High Tack PVA Glue- This glue is NOT to be mistaken as Elmer’s glue. The high tack glue dries clear and you can trim the nozzle applicator to precisely control the amount of the flow. Because this glue is high tack, glue coverage will be difficult if you are trying to achieve fine detailed images. Keep in mind the glue is to be stored upside down to avoid the nozzle from clogging up. But if it does clogged up on you, soaking the applicator in warm water will fix the problem.

Overall this is a fun and innovated way to add dimensions to your papercraft projects thus each gear rightfully earns 4 out of 5 stars. Given the potential mess the Flower-Soft medium can produce and the unusual way of having to store the glue upside down to avoid nozzle clogging up on you; the bottle is not adequately designed to keep glue at the tip of the nozzle as suggested by Flower-Soft.

For basic tutorials and/or project inspirations you can visit Flower-Soft tv under the Programmes section

Tips: Apply the glue and the medium generously, also be sure to gently pat down the medium to ensure the glue adheres to the medium. By doing so; you will have achieved maximum coverage. In the below image, the same amount of glue was applied however the patting down technique was not used on the left image therefore leaving slight blotchiness.

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