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All things adhesive: Elmer’s No-Winkles Glue Pen


For a long time I had wish there was some kind of gel glue that did not warp my projects and Elmer’s fulfilled my wish. Image A below displays the classic warping when I used regular gel glue; notice the edge of the card has the tidal waves effect as the glue dries.

I was so excited the day I purchased this product, like a child at the candy store, I could not wait to try this new glue I had just purchased. I had been working on some Christmas cards that day and decided I would test drive the new glue. To my surprise the glue provided a very strong bond, it dried clear and it didn’t warp the image the glue was applied onto (image B) How awesome is that!!!

However, be careful not to apply excessive amount; the excess will leave a slight residue, especially noticeable on non-white paper, if smeared while making contact during bonding process. Overall I give this product 5 out of 5 stars not only did the glue perform what it claimed but also provides a strong bond and it is priced right. Thanks for reading and join me again when we take a look at rubber stamping with markers.

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