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September 29, 2011
by Linda

Multi-Purpose Applicator Tips

I recently decided to invest in a good quality applicator tip to use in conjunction with my craft glue. Or perhaps I should mention I came to this conclusion because I wanted a better and more efficient way to apply glue on my quilling projects. The Multi-Purpose Precision Applicator offers precise control and mess free applications. The applicator has allowed me to precisely apply and control just the right amount of glue, as thin as a hair line, which I can really appreciate for my quilling projects. I have also used the applicator tips in conjunction with Stampin’ Up Crystal Effects with ease. The applicator caps fits most standard 4oz. bottle, which is convenient, but the kit does provide two 1oz. bottles allowing you to fill it with the medium you are working with. If you have a favorite glue or medium but the build-in nozzle is inadequate I highly suggest using applicator tips. These applicators are great and can be used with just about any medium but something to consider is soaking and/or cleaning the applicators as soon as the job is completed to avoid the tips from becoming clogged. This product definitely ranks 5 out of 5 stars for its versatility not just for paper crafts but also ideal for other projects around the house definitely worth looking into if you don’t already use this gear. Thanks for reading and please join me again on my next gear review. Please stop by my Project Galleries for some inspirations.

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